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RTÉ wanted to get an international audience (namely Irish expats and diaspora) living in America and the UK to download their new RTÉ Player International app and watch more of their favourite television shows on it.

RTÉ iplayer International


We believed this audience would look back on their time in Ireland with a sense of nostalgia. To make them miss Ireland we used Irish expressions which may have a different meaning in their new homelands and reminded them that by watching RTÉ again, they could “Get Their Irish On”. We did this by creating videos featuring Ryan Tubridy and running a highly targeted display campaign.

RTÉ iplayer International

The Experience

Ryan Tubridy Uk Video

Ryan Tubridy US Video

US & Uk Display

Contextual Video


Over 50,000 video views on YouTube.

Exceeded download expectations.

Traffic up year on year.