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Put permanent tbs back into the minds of online consumers by developing a full suite of digital advertising based on traditional stop-motion TV advertising across the full range of products offered by the bank. Ultimately make consumers believe in permanent tsb as a fully operational bank that is on their side.

permanent tsb


The simple things to make banking better – committed to getting the basics right. ICAN needed to reassert permanent tsb’s commercial viability and re-position the brand to demonstrate they are doing the simple things to make banking better. To align creatively with the offline activity, we created the stop-motion look by shooting stills of the full cast of specially created puppets, and animating the stills in flash/HTML5. A first-to-market production technique that set us up to tell multiple product stories in display advertising.

permanent tsb

The Experience

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Contextual Display Ad

Contextual Display Ad

HTML5 Display


Won DMA Awards

2 wins at the 2014 Digital Media Awards including Best Brand Using Digital and Best Integrated Digital Campaign.

Best in Class

Our Current Accounts Eircom webmail takeover was presented as Best in Class resulting in over 17,000 site visits.


Overall percentage ratio of new website visitors has increased by 44% YOY to date.

Brand Repositioned

In the context of both technical and brand challenges, we successfully re-positioned the brand online for a fractured audience that was disgruntled and distrustful of banks.

Stronger Mortgage Ads

Mortgage ads performed three times stronger than benchmark for Ireland at 0.24%


Search strategy cited as Best in Class by Google - SEM conversions increased by 283% and we achieved a CTR 70% higher than competitors.

Cited by Google

YouTube masthead – cited by Google as Best Use of Masthead and retargeted ads in finance category.

5 Times Higher Talk-ability

Social Media talk-ability 5 times higher in Q2 compared to Q1, with sentiment shifting from Negative in Q1 to Positive in Q2.


ICAN decreased the overall Cost per Lead across all campaigns by 37% while lead volumes increased by 92%.