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The Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show is a world class show jumping event, showcasing the very best of national and international show jumping. But it’s also an entertaining day out for the whole family. From the style and glamour of ladies day to magic shows, pony rides and face painting for the kids, there’s also live music, arts and crafts and much more for everyone to enjoy. And therein lay the challenge: to broaden the appeal of the event and invite a wider (new) audience to enjoy the show that has it all.

Dublin Horse Show


The campaign idea allowed the show jumping to take centre stage in the form of the horse silhouette and we represented all the entertainment within this in order to convey the something for everyone offering and to get across the atmosphere of the show. This allowed us to capture our total audience including; equestrian lovers, families and day trippers.

Dublin Horse Show

The Experience

Outdoor Special Build

Online Billboard

Outdoor 48 Sheet

Online Display


Maximum Reach

Media and creative worked collaboratively to get the best results. Efficient media planning & buying resulted in maximum reach for the budget having secured greater discounts than the previous year.

5,271 ticket sales leads

The online display campaign generated 5,271 ticket sales leads at a cost of 19 cent per lead versus 4,665 at a cost of €2.30 in 2013 an increase of 12% in the number of ticket sale leads this year.

46,694 site visits

The highly effective and optimised campaign ensured results were up across the board versus the previous year with display driving 46,694 site visits versus 28k in 2013.

Massive Coverage

Overall the campaign received massive coverage and resulted in an Increase YOY, making it one of the most successful events in recent years.