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The new Bulmers #StatsDontLie campaign makes witty observations about Irish social occasions and humorously puts percentages behind them!



Our idea was to bring the concept to life at the Forbidden Fruit festival. And connect with 18-34’s who love to shoot, share, tag and tweet.

Tapping into the behaviour of festival-goers, we created fun, personalised stats based on our real-time observations of them as they arrived at the venue. We created a first-of-its-kind digital billboard that used multi-camera imaging and motion tracking technology. Our writers were hidden backstage, composing the stats over the two days of the festival.


The Experience


How successful was it, well, the stats don't lie...

290k Reach

The video has become the most successful social post this year, reaching 290,520 with an engagement rate of 5% far exceeding the industry average of 0.48%.

Thousands of interactions

The ultimate selfie opportunity - the experience generated thousands of interactions over 2 days and stood out in a manic, festival environment. 

Most Successful Social Post of 2017

The video of the event was our most popular Facebook post in 2017.